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     Yamakoh Precision (Wuxi) Co., Ltd was established in July.2002 in Wuxi city, China as a Japanese-owned enterprise which specializes in plastic parts (especially appearance parts) from mould design, injection molding to reprocessing as painting, laser and assembly, etc. Our business ranges from weak digital products like DC &DV plastic cover, mobile phone keypad to automotive security parts.
      With the concept of Customer Foremost, we are committed to the pursuit of high-quality and diversity in injection molding and reprocessing technology. We not only input the most advanced precise injection molding machine and full-automatic-control painting lines, but also build the Clean Room to create excellent manufacturing environment. We have the ability to produce the most forward innovative appearance parts.
      Our staff will never stop footsteps for great achievements in the plastic industry. Your continuous support is greatly expected with our sincerity.


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